Top 5 effects of e-commerce on the environment
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Top 5 effects of e-commerce on the environment

In the earlier period, you’d have to go to malls every time you wanted to buy something. Now, you can sit in the comfort of your home and have products delivered to your doorstep with just the click of a button.That's why Online shopping is becoming very popular worldwide. Everyone probably did at least some of your shopping's online and distinguish the easiness of e-commerce. Choosing e-commerce is the eco friendly way of shopping and here is why.

Here are 5 effects of e-commerce on the environment:


1. Cost and pollution reduction through e-commerce:

    E-commerce business is able to reduce labor and other costs in many sections, i.e. document preparation,telephone calling, data entry, overtime and large space expenses.The use of email and electronic invoicing are a massive savings over the traditional methods. E-commerce business impact on controlling the carbon dioxide improving the air quality because of the businesses deliver the goods by individual for many persons doorstep.


2. E-commerce reduces energy consumption due to virtual shopping:

   The physical stores need a large amount of resources like water resources, electricity, space or rooms for stores, telephone, repairs and maintenance of spaces, etc. But the online stores do not require such things which reduces the energy consumption. Some online stores might lease office space to manage work but the needs of a small office compared to a physical store are smaller. However, the money received for an e-commerce transaction pays for the item, web hosting, softwares, distribution of the goods.The overall cost of maintaining a virtual store is far less than that of a physical store.


3. E-commerce substitutes paperless communication with digital communication:

    When the communication is transferred digitally, it reduces the use of paper massively. This helps in reducing the paper waste. E-commerce also allows the customer and the business to be in touch directly, without any agent. The use of less paper helps your business to do its part to aid the environment and reduce carbon dioxide. By reducing the usage of paper helps to prevent trees from being cut down.


4. E-commerce opens doors to high economic growth:

    E-commerce plays an important role in enhancing the economic growth of the country. E-commerce plays a  significant role in the economy as businesses and consumers has increases the use of electronic transactions, including cashless payment systems and other financial technology.As the online shopping is easy, affordable, and secure for consumers so that they need not go out to buy what they want,it is growing highly. E-commerce is transforming the marketplace and has the high potentiality to emerge new products that will be delivered.


5. E-commerce creates easy shopping platform:

     Almost anything can be purchased through e-commerce today. You can purchase the goods and services you want through mobiles, laptops or any other smart devices that have access to internet connection. Many online stores offer a wider range of products online and some online stores may offer consumers unique goods that are unavailable elsewhere. Also, e -commerce has service of 24 hours a day.

Growing E-commerce trend in Nepal

The practice of online shopping was very ground level but now Nepal has been observing a speedy growth in online business. Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has also spotlighted the importance of e-commerce among the customers as well as the retailers. E-commerce provides a great service of comfort to the consumers as consumers don't have to undergo the problem of traffic. Also, you don't have to get ready to go shopping and it doesn't waste the precious time.

E-commerce sites like, Sastodeal, Daraz, Bhoj Deals, etc have flourished in Nepal. You can get your food delivered at your doorsteps from your favorite restaurant, you can choose the food, the restaurant and your method of payment, give them your location for delivery and food arrives where you want it. And many new e-commerce sites are being in practice. E-commerce in Nepal looks like a very promising and potentially project.

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