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Finding the Right IT Support Company for Your Business

  • No matter if you're a small start-up or a well-established company, operating a profitable business is no walk in the park! In part, this is due to the fact that not a single firm does not depend on technology. Your IT infrastructure and demands must be taken care of by a reputable IT support provider in order for your business to stay productive (or beyond). Unless you are well-informed, it will be tough to choose the correct company for your requirements from the numerous that are touting their virtues.

Our small secrets to choosing the perfect IT firm for your business are below. But first, let's talk about the things you must first do before moving on.

  1. Do your research and understand your needs. Look at what you need now and those you’ll need going forward
  2. Create a fault log of your system and infrastructure. This will help you understand the exact things that your new IT support company will start with. It will also help you know how much work needs to be done at the very beginning
  3. Understand your budget and its elasticities. How much can you stretch to get top-notch support? Most times, cheap is very expensive and it may be wrapped in sheep’s clothing.

Now let's talk about what to look out for when hiring a new IT support firm.

What to look out for before hiring an IT support company in Nepal

What should you watch out for when choosing a new IT support firm to take care of your IT infrastructure now that we've taken care of the basics?

Your business will benefit from long-term contracts with your IT support provider, but you will suffer. The more money they make the longer they keep you.

Allow for errors to occur along the road. A change in your company model may make certain IT infrastructure obsolete in the future, or you may discover something better and more cheap along the road and need to shift gears accordingly. It's possible that you're dissatisfied with their service and need to find a new company.

Regardless of what happens, do not sign long-term contracts unless you are dealing with individuals you trust. However, even then, you should carefully review the contract conditions with the new service provider to ensure that there are no hidden fees, no fees for obtaining information, and that you understand the cancellation policy.

Opt for providers who offer proactive management rather than reactive break/fix service

Most enterprises fail in this sector. Most IT support firms give reactive broken service tickets, but others do more than just fix things or monitor your infrastructure for possible downtimes before they happen, as is the case with some. Monitoring your infrastructure for possible failures 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is quite acceptable. An IT support company that goes the additional mile to understand your business systems, industry, and environment should be your first choice if they can give proactive advice on the best technologies to employ for optimum productivity with little downtime.

This supplier should at the very least be able to organize frequent meetings with you to discuss your goals and develop a technology strategy that will help you achieve them.

Seek to understand their experience, certification and if they offer on-going training

Do not rely on their word alone. Find out whether they have the experience to assist your systems by doing your homework. Don't let them utilize your system to learn.

Exist certificates to support the claims made? Inquire as to how often they are renewed.

Verifying their prior work is another method to find out whether they have experience with the systems they support. The scope of the project and its relevance to your present and future needs were described. What kind of feedback did they receive from these engagements?

Make sure that staff receives frequent training on the systems they use and maintain. Secondly, do they have a variety of different training? Help with staff training on new systems?

Do they understand Data Security?

An IT support business must have experience in data security, and this is not a choice. He or she must be able to create an effective, cost-effective security strategy that addresses all of your present and future demands.

It's also important for your IT support business to be familiar with all compliance requirements if you work in a regulated field and help you in being compliant at all times.

Also, ask if they have invested in ongoing training for their data security employees, as this is an area that is always developing, with new risks making headlines from time to time.

Last but not least, no firm can promise that there will never be a data breach. You'll know if they don't grasp the concept of data security or if they're lying to you to get you to sign the contract.

Clear Response Times must be clearly stated

A top priority, this. This is especially true if you can't access your emails or get into your systems. If this were the case, you wouldn't risk signing the documents without ensuring that the support business had an SLA in place. You must have service level agreements specified in your contract, and they must at the very least be in your favor.

Your concerns or tickets must be handled within a reasonable amount of time before you sign the contract. Remember that Service Level Agreements (SLAs) primarily indicate when they will react to your issue, not whether or not it will be solved.

You should be wary of service providers that make unrealistic promises, since they may be trying to fix your problems with band-aid remedies rather than addressing the core cause.


Finding the right IT support company for your business can almost be like navigating a minefield but with the right information and attitude, it can be very easy.

So, take your time and do your due diligence before committing to a contract. We hope we’ve helped you with the information covered here.



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